About Us

Tales Oil and Gas Ltd is a service Company to the Oil Sector of the Nigerian economy, in particular the downstream petroleum sector. The strength of the Company rests on the experience of its key management staff who have participated actively in the oil industry for two to three decades.
The Company is equipped to handle all issues relating to fleet management, in particular petroleum products fleet, starting from the vehicles acquisition to the disposal. Some of the fleet management services range from tank fabrication, fleet standardization, truck auditing - point of entry audit and annual comprehensive safety audit, fleet optimization, drivers' behaviour training, transporters' training etc

The Company is also experienced in the following areas of the Oil Industry with the necessary expertise to add value to your organization.

  • LPG, Lubricants and Fuels Technical Marketing
  • Fuel Depot Operations, including training of key personnel
  • Restructuring of petroleum business for improved profitability
  • Procedures
  • Safety Management System
  • Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008